Summer Berry Whey Protein ‘Mug’ Cake

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April 10, 2016

An entire high protein, fat free cake ready in less than 5 minutes. Yep! This ‘mug'(bowl) cake features in my weekly menu on more than one occasion. Very often it’s post workout, for breakfast or as a mid afternoon snack.

Mug cakes are growing in popularity and for good reason. Even the laziest of cooks (me!) can whip one of these up with ease. The only thing that takes a little mastering is nailing the cooking time, as it can vary slightly depending on the age and/or power of your microwave. However that just means you’ll need to keep practicing until you get it right! ?

  • Prep: 5 mins
  • Cook: 10 mins


70g Oat flour

20g Whey Protein (I like to use vanilla flavour)

30g Egg whites (I use Two Chicks Liquid Egg Whites)

1 teaspoon baking powder

Enough water to make a thick batter – I haven’t put an amount as this differs wildly from the different protein brands. I use approx 50ml.


I would always suggest adding a topping to mug cakes made with whey protein as they can be a little drier than those made with casein.

I like to use a mixture of berries which I microwave for 2 minutes then add some sugar free syrup to sweeten them. I used 90g of frozen berries in this image which is just right for the size.


1All you need to do is whisk everything together, adding water little by little until the mixture resembles pancake mixture.

2Pour the mixture into a plastic microwave safe bowl and microwave on full power for 2 minutes (if you have an old or not very powerful microwave you might need to cook it for slightly longer) I prefer to use a plastic bowl as it doesn’t heat up and burn you when you try to take it out! You can use a large mug or ceramic bowl just be careful when you take it out of the microwave.

3These microwave ‘mug’ cakes are designed to be eaten immediately and don’t keep. What a shame, you’ll have to eat then entire thing there and then.


Nutrition Facts

Total Fat7.1g
Saturated Fat1.9g
Total Carbohydrates55.4g

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April 10th, 2016