Protein Custard Creams


April 10, 2016

Sometimes only a biscuit dunked in a cuppa will do. Which is why I created these healthier, protein packed biccies that you can enjoy guilt free! I made one giant one (mostly for the novelty factor) but you can make a few smaller ones. This recipe makes enough for 1 serving.

  • Prep: 30 mins
  • Cook: 25 mins
  • Yields: 1 serving


For the biscuit

30g Vanilla whey protein (I used Smart Protein’s Optimum Whey)

40g Vitafiber syrup (you can get it here)

5g No added sugar custard powder

For the filling

25g White chocolate Muscle Mousse (which you can get here)

5g No added sugar custard powder

Splash of water

You’ll also need some non stick grease proof paper and a rolling pin.


1Preheat your oven to 170’c

2In a small bowl add the protein powder and custard powder – combine the two fully before adding the syrup.

3With a small spoon or knife mix the syrup into the powder. You’ll need to squash it against the side of the bowl and almost squash the powder into the syrup.

4Once you have done this as much as you can then take a sheet of grease proof paper and tip out the crumbly mixture onto it.

5Put another sheet of grease proof paper over the top and using a rolling pin roll the mixture out so it’s around 1cm thick. Take away the top sheet and using a knife shape into a large square. If you are making one large bourbon you’ll just need to cut it in half (or smaller squares if you want to make a few smaller ones).

6Bake for 10mins then remove from the oven and allow the biscuits to cool while you prepare the Muscle Mousse.

7For this, all you need to do it add a splash of water to the Muscle Mousse and custard powder slowly to make a thick spreadable paste.

8Once the biscuits have fully cooled, add the filling to one side, add the top and your done!


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April 10th, 2016