Peanut Choc Protein Pancakes With Peanut Choc Protein Sauce


April 10, 2016

This recipe was massively self indulgent, but I hope you love it just as much as I do! I wanted to combine my love of fluffy protein pancakes, peanut and chocolate. It uses oat flour instead of refined white flour, along with Sukrin’s fantastic high protein peanut flour, which is a great way of adding delicious peanut flavour without as much fat. The pancakes are awesome just as they are, but the rich, chocolately sauce takes them to another level!

  • Prep: 5 mins
  • Cook: 10 mins
  • Yields: 1 serving


50g oat flour

20g Sukrin Peanut Flour

20g Muscle Mousse peanut choc caramel

30g egg whites

5g baking powder

150ml milk (I used almond milk)

Ingredients for sauce

10g Sukrin Peanut Flour

10g chocolate whey protein

5g no added sugar cocoa

5g Sukrin Sugar Free Icing

30ml water


1In a bowl, mix together all of the dry pancake ingredients.

2To this, add the egg whites & milk then mix it together. You might want to use a small whisk to remove any lumps.

3Heat a non stick pan on a medium heat, then add your cooking oil of choice. I like to use coconut oil.

4Once the oil has heated, spoon some mixture into the pan. You want to keep them quite small so they are easy to flip.

5Cook for 1-2 mins until it starts to bubble, then flip it over and cook for another minute.

6Repeat this until you have used all the mixture, then set your pancakes aside whilst you make the sauce.

7To do this all you need to do is mix together all of the dry sauce ingredients, then add the water and give it a good mix. I suggest you add the water little by little so you can make the sauce as thick, or thin as you like.

8Pour the sauce over the pancakes & enjoy!


Nutrition Facts

Protein 45g
Total Fat10.2g
Saturated Fat 1.9g
Total Carbohydrates50.8g

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April 10th, 2016