High Protein, Gluten & Sugar Free Coffee Cake with Coffee Protein Frosting


April 10, 2016

  • Prep: 15 mins
  • Cook: 25 mins


For the cake

95g Sukrin Sugar Free & Gluten Free Cake Mix

25g butterscotch Muscle Mousse (you could sub this for casein or whey but it may dry out the mixture a little)

1 whole egg

35ml rapeseed or coconut oil (melted)

50ml milk (I used almond milk but you can use any)

1 shot of strong coffee

For the frosting

25g butterscotch Muscle Mousse (you could sub this for casein)

75ml cold coffee


1Preheat your oven to 180’c

2All you need to do is throw all the dry ingredients together and give them a stir, add the wet ingredients and stir well.

3Then spoon the mixture into a cake tin, cake cases, cupcake mould or mini loaf tin like I did, and bake for 15 – 20 minutes until they are light golden brown. Be careful not to over bake them or they will become dry.

4To make the frosting all you need to do is mix the cold coffee with the Muscle Mousse and allow it to chill in the fridge. If it’s too firm to spread when you take it out of the fridge, just add a splash of water and mix it in to loosen the mixture off.


Nutrition Facts

Total Fat3.2g
Saturated Fat 0.3g
Total Carbohydrates1.8g

2 Reviews


October 30, 2018

Thank you! x

Claire Raines

July 22, 2018

I hate coffee but I love coffee cake so I had to try this. Gorgeous tasting cake and with a warm cuppa, it’s just perfect !

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April 10th, 2016