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‘Skinny’ Blueberry Protein Muffins

Giving a whole new meaning to the term ‘skinny’ muffin, these delicious little Skinny Blueberry Protein Muffins are sweet and moist despite being completely free of added fat or sugar. They are sweetened only with the Natural Whey Co Blueberry Muffin Diet Whey Protein and the natural sugars found in the blueberries. Simple to make and perfect for a weekend breakfast or healthy snack.

Banana & Peanut Butter Protein Chimp Chocolates

These little banana & peanut butter protein chimp chocolates were created in celebration. For I am now a proud member of the Skinny Chimp family!
Delicious little chocolatey bites with a sweet banana and peanut butter filling. A perfect little healthy treat for hungry chimps!

Mini Healthy Carrot Cakes with Protein Topping

These Mini Healthy Carrot Cakes with Protein Topping were created for my long suffering partner who adores traditional carrot cake. They are made using sweet potatoes, which keep the cakes moist as well as adding sweetness without the addition of lots of sugar. Super simple to make but with the same delicious spiced sponge and sweet sticky topping!

Banana Split Protein Pancakes

These banana split protein pancakes were inspired by one of my favourite puddings. I wanted to recreate all the deliciousness of a banana split in pancake form. The Natural Whey Companies‘ banana split flavoured protein was ideal, if you haven’t tried it you must! The topping offers all the elements of a banana split but a fraction of the fat, sugar and calories. Happy eating!

Protein Cookies – GUEST RECIPE from Clare Barks

My name is Clare Barks and I’m a self employed Personal Trainer, Sports Massage Therapist and UKBFF Bodyfitness competitor. I am also a proud sponsored athlete with Skinny Chimp clothing. I began competing for the UKBFF in April last year and so far have achieved:

Third place at Southcoast Championships April 2013 and qualified for the British Finals

Fifth place British Finals 2013 and qualified for the Arnold Championships in Madrid 2014

First place ‘Stars of Tomorrow’ Nov 2013 and qualified for the British finals 2014

Second place UK National championships open class April 2014

Fourth place at the IFBB Summer Invitational English Grand Prix July 2014 My next competition will be the British Championships 2014 on 11th October.

My training and diet is a huge part of my life as I am continually working towards competitions, either making improvements off season or preparing for the stage. When my coach allows! I like to make my diet exciting and add little high protein treats into the mix. The following recipe is one I have recently tried out.
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Banana Bread Protein Muffins

These banana bread protein muffins are a tasty twist on the classic muffin. Perfect served warm for a lazy weekend breakfast or allow to cool and drizzle with dark chocolate for a more indulgent treat. With less than 70 kcals and only 1g of fat per muffin you can enjoy them guilt free!

Protein ‘Bounty Bar’ Chocolates

These protein ‘bounty bar’ chocolates were the beginning of my love affair with protein confectionery. A mouthful of rich chocolate and creamy coconut is truly satisfying for even the biggest chocoholic! When nothing else but the hard stuff will do – try these before reaching for a family size bar of dairy milk (you will thank me!)

Peanut Butter & Jelly Protein Cheesecake

This peanut butter & jelly protein cheesecake was the winning cheesecake flavour from the competition Muscle Mousse ran on their Facebook page. Chosen by Lee Westwood, a fine choice sir I must say! If you follow me on Twitter or ‘Like’ my Facebook page you will be well aware of my love affair with peanut butter so you can imagine my excitement when creating this recipe! The topping is an absolute must and takes this cheesecake to another level of woooaaahhhh!! Here’s what you will need and how to make it….

Easy Banana Nut Protein Flapjacks

High Protein Chocolate Cake

This high protein chocolate cake is light and chocolatey but with a fraction of the sugar and saturated fat of a standard chocolate cake. The recipes uses pumpkin or butternut squash rather than flour which keeps the cake deliciously moist as well as making it gluten free (as long as your protein powder and baking powder are gluten free too!) It’s a perfect substitute for any standard celebration cake but can also be made into cupcakes too!

Protein Banana & Choc Chip Muffins

These little protein muffins break the cooking rules when it comes to baking with protein powders. Normally adding protein powder to a cake can dry it out but these banana choc chips muffins are soft, moist and delicious. Super healthy individual dessert or perfect to pack into a tupperware for an on the go protein snack!

Healthy Lemon & Chai Seed Muffins

I originally created these healthy lemon & chia seed muffins for valentines day. I absolutely love lemon & poppy seed muffins so I wan’t to create something as close to these as I could. They are incredible still slightly warm topped with protein ice-cream (I love Wheyhey protein ice-cream!) or leave them to cool and enjoy as you would a cupcake. I was not intending to add protein to these but I have tested them with a scoop of vanilla casein powder and it works well so feel free to add this if you want to make these protein muffins. I do not recommend adding whey protein as this can dry them out.

Chocolate Orange Protein Bars

Protein bars are a great way of getting your protein requirements in whilst on the go. However shop bought bars are often not as healthy as we are led to believe. They can also be very expensive! These home made protein bars are far more healthy and definitely cheaper! My favourite is chocolate orange flavour but you can use any flavour protein powder!

Healthy Apple & Blackberry Crumble with Protein Custard

This healthy apple & blackberry crumble recipe is super simple to make but dripping with protein custard is absolutely to die for. Sometimes cold evenings (or even warm ones to be honest!) call for something comforting. This recipe provides all the taste without the excessive amounts of fat and sugar found in classic recipes, and of course with the addition of a hefty protein hit!

American Style Protein Pancakes

Nothing beats fluffy soft protein pancakes! These American style thick protein pancakes make the perfect healthy weekend breakfast, pudding or even snack! I like to top mine with cashew butter, berries, cinnamon and Walden Farm zero calorie pancake syrup. This recipe will yield 1 large stack.

Cherry Bakewell Protein Cheesecake

All the flavour elements of a cherry bakewell reconstructed into a protein cheesecake! The base is made with protein flapjacks so offers an even bigger protein hit along with a delicious sticky flapjack base!

Banana Nut Protein Cheesecake

This double layer protein cheesecake combines sweet butterscotch, banana flavoured cheesecake, your favourite nut butter and fresh bananas.

Banoffee Protein Cheesecake

This protein packed banoffee cheesecake provides all of the elements of a banoffee pie into a sweet soft protein cheesecake. A layer of fresh bananas sandwiched between the two layers looks fancy but it’s really simple. A absolute must for banoffee pie lovers!

Milk Chocolate Protein Cheesecake

Sometimes there is nothing better than a serious chocolate hit! This milk chocolate protein cheesecake comes without all the saturated fat, sugar and calories of a standard chocolate cheesecake and comes with the addition of a serious protein hit! One of my most simple and easy recipes too. Enjoy!

Snickers Style Protein Cheesecake

This snickers style protein cheesecake speaks for itself really, however if you still need some convincing then read on!

If someone held a gun to my head and made me choose my favourite chocolate bar I would have to say snickers. The combination of sweet caramel, chocolate and peanuts is what does it. Whilst I do occasionally indulge (post workout – obvs!) in the real deal I wanted to create something healthier, protein packed but still as delicious. So, my friends I give you my snickers style protein cheesecake!

White Chocolate & Raspberry Protein Cheesecake

This is the original protein cheesecake and where it all began! The sweet soft cheesecake is complimented perfectly by the tart fresh raspberries. Definitely one to get on the ‘must make this’ list!