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Protein Peanut Butter Cups

So it’s confession time, this recipe doesn’t contain peanut butter. SAY WHAT?! I know, stay with me… Instead it uses peanut flour, which gives all the deliciousness and protein of peanut butter, but without so much fat – bonus! My peanut butter cups also use whey protein to boost the protein content further, with a touch of Sukrin’s amazing sugar free icing to add a little sweetness without sugar.

I prefer to use a silicone chocolate mould to make these as it’s easy to get them out of, but you can use a classic chocolate mould, or even small paper cake cases if you don’t have one.

Peanut Choc Protein Pancakes With Peanut Choc Protein Sauce

This recipe was massively self indulgent, but I hope you love it just as much as I do! I wanted to combine my love of fluffy protein pancakes, peanut and chocolate. It uses oat flour instead of refined white flour, along with Sukrin’s fantastic high protein peanut flour, which is a great way of adding delicious peanut flavour without as much fat. The pancakes are awesome just as they are, but the rich, chocolately sauce takes them to another level!

Low Fat Banana Protein Waffles

I absolutely adore fresh, warm waffles drowned in syrup. So I had to come up with a healthier, protein packed version (of course!) so I could enjoy them whenever I wanted.

These waffles are made in a silicone waffle mould rather than a waffle grill. I got mine from a department store but I’ve seen them in lots of cookery shops and on the web. Otherwise just use a cupcake tin, they will taste just as delicious.

Blackberry & White Chocolate Protein Cheesecake

Now why blackberry cheesecake I hear you ask? Well because I love cheesecake and I have more blackberries in my freezer than I know what to do with! A gentle morning walk picking a few token blackberries turned into a 2kg hoard because, well I can’t turn down free food! So here is how I created this Autumnal creation and what you need to create your own.

Jaffa Cake Protein Cheesecake

With its crumbly biscuit base, sweet and creamy cheesecake filling and orange jelly and chocolate topping, this ‘Jaffa Cake’ cheesecake tastes like it should be loaded with fat and calories. But with no added sugar, only 290 calories and a whopping 26.5g of protein per slice you can enjoy a piece everyday!

High Protein, Low Carb Triple Chocolate & Peanut Butter Fudge

Who doesn’t love fudge?! Rich, sweet and melt in the mouth. The ultimate indulgence which is usually rammed with refined sugar, cream and butter. And that’s before any flavourings or additional goodies are added!

But not one to miss out, I thought I would try and recreate this tasty treat but in a healthier, protein packed way. This recipe contains just 3 simple ingredients and the flavours can be changed to your taste.

Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Raw Snickerdoodle Protein Bites

You might not be familiar with what flavour ‘Snickerdoodle’ is, so let me enlighten you. Snickerdoodle is a name which has made it’s way over from the U.S – basically it’s a plain cookie which is then rolled in cinnamon sugar. I have taken the same idea with these Gluten Free, Sugar Free Raw Snickerdoodle Bites, and included all the same flavours but without the sugar, butter, oil or refined flours.

They are ideal to make as an on the go breakfast or snack, and because they don’t require any cooking they couldn’t be more quick and easy to whip up!

Chocolate Chip (chickpea) Protein Cookies

Don’t let the name scare you! I know when you think cookie you don’t naturally think chickpeas. But I promise you it works!

These a soft cookies and go particularly well with a big mug of tea whilst they are still slightly warm.

Sugar Free Meringues

These sugar free meringues taste just like normal sugar laden homemade ones. Light and crispy on the outside with a sticky, marshmallowy centre. Not like those powerdery white domes that you get in the supermarket. But the best part is they are made using Vitafibre instead of sugar. Vitafibre is a fibre based sugar substitute and is available here. Which means they are totally sugar free!

Gluten & Sugar Free, High Protein Lemon Drizzle Traybake

I LOVE lemon drizzle cake. My mum used to make it when I was a kid and I’ve adored it ever since. Soft, light sponge with a sweet, tangy glaze was how I remembered it. But what I also remember is the vast amounts of refined white flour, butter and sugar!

This recipe tastes JUST like it should, but doesn’t contain any of the nasties. It uses Sukrin’s incredible low carb Gluten Free Cake Mix which contains sesame flour instead of wheat flour – very clever. The mix contains natural sweeteners as well, so no additional sugar is required.

I also added a boost of protein (of course) in the form of Muscle Mousse which is a casein based protein powder that doesn’t dry the sponge out.

I also replaced the butter with rapeseed oil which is a fantastic form of mono-unsaturated fat – so you could almost say enjoying a few slices is good for your health… Kinda…

(Recipe makes 6 squares. If you want more, simply double or triple the recipe as stated below.)

Summer Berry Whey Protein ‘Mug’ Cake

An entire high protein, fat free cake ready in less than 5 minutes. Yep! This ‘mug'(bowl) cake features in my weekly menu on more than one occasion. Very often it’s post workout, for breakfast or as a mid afternoon snack.

Mug cakes are growing in popularity and for good reason. Even the laziest of cooks (me!) can whip one of these up with ease. The only thing that takes a little mastering is nailing the cooking time, as it can vary slightly depending on the age and/or power of your microwave. However that just means you’ll need to keep practicing until you get it right! ?

High Protein, Low Carb & Sugar Free Peanut Butter Cookies

As many of you reading this will know, I LOVE peanut butter. In fact, I love all kinds of nut butter. So when I saw that Sukrin made peanut flour I knew I had to make a batch of peanut butter cookies. Usually I would add oats but I chose to make a lower carb variety for those who are looking for a sweet treat on a low carb or low sugar diet.

I tried these cookies out on lots of friends and family and many of them had absolutely no idea they were sugar free. In fact if they didn’t know me better they would think they were the real deal!

So I won’t waffle on any longer, this is how you make them.

High Protein, Gluten & Sugar Free Blueberry Muffins

These cake-like muffins are deliciously sweet and satisfying but without any of the refined white flour, butter or sugar you’d find in your regular tea time treat.

But surely they won’t taste as good? I promise you these little beauties are seriously tasty. Just like the regular unhealthy version but with much more wholesome ingredients!

White flour is replaced with Sukrin Sugar & Gluten Free Cake Mix which contains sesame flour and naturals sweeteners, which means there is no need to add any extra sugar. I’ve used rapeseed (or coconut) oil instead of butter, and of course increased the protein content with the help of White Chocolate Muscle Mousse which doesn’t dry the mixture out.

They are also incredibly quick and simple to make, so give them a try!

(This recipe makes 6 muffins, if you want more then simply double or triple the recipe as stated below.)

Rich Chocolate Almond Protein Smoothie

Sometimes you need a seriously thick, creamy and indulgent treat to kick those pesky cravings. And this chocolate almond protein smoothie ticks all these boxes. However, unlike your usual creamy milkshake, its packed with protein, healthy fats and no added sugar!

Now there are a couple of ingredients that you may be thinking ‘WHAT? you crazy?’

The first being liquid egg whites, these are a great source of natural protein and completely disappear into the shake with no eggy tastes at all – I suggest you use pasteurised liquid whites like these ones by Two Chicks which I get from here.

The second being avocado. I can see you screwing up your face, trust me when I say this adds nothing more than a creamy flavour and delicious thickness. Try it and see!

Protein Blueberry & Banana Bread – Guest Recipe by The Beltsander

If you’ve heard of IIFYM then you’ve probably heard of The Beltsander. With a 16k+ strong following on Instagram, The Beltsander in his own words is a ‘lifter of heavy things & eater of many things’ – many very delicious things as he tortures us all with on a daily basis!

I am a big fan of The Beltsander’s creations so I couldn’t be more excited to share this epic recipe for Protein Blueberry & Banana Bread with you all! If you give it a try be sure to share a picture with us both.

Gluten Free Healthy Pancakes

Personally I can eat gluten, but I have noticed that a number of my followers follow gluten free diets. Either because they are forced to, or through choice. So this recipe is for you guys!

I chose to leave the protein powder out of these, and instead to add the protein on top in the form of Greek yoghurt. But you can add a scoop should you wish to.

Muscle Mousse Protein Pancakes

My second favourite thing to do with Muscle Mousse (my favourite is to make cheesecakes!) is to make protein pancake. One of the best things about protein pancakes is you can tailor them to your macros, so everyone can enjoy them. Never use whey protein in pancakes it makes them terribly dry. Muscle Mousse is a casein based product so doesn’t dry them out and adds sweetness and flavour as well as protein without excess empty calories. Win/win!

High Protein Cinnamon Rolls With Sticky Protein Glaze

I don’t think these need much introduction but here’s how this recipe came about – I love cinnamon rolls but I also want to look bangin’ in my bikini in a few weeks time. This is why this recipe was created! Enjoy :-)

Protein Bourbon Biscuits

This recipe was created to satisfy the cravings of the Chief at Skinny Chimp. This chimp LOVES to dunk a naughty biscuit in tea, so asked for my help to create a healthy, protein packed alternative. It needed to have the same delicious taste, manageability when dunking, and it also needed to be quick and easy.

So I give you… The Giant Protein Bourbon Biscuit! (They don’t need to be giant, you can make smaller ones if you wish).

All you will need is…

Protein Custard Creams

Sometimes only a biscuit dunked in a cuppa will do. Which is why I created these healthier, protein packed biccies that you can enjoy guilt free! I made one giant one (mostly for the novelty factor) but you can make a few smaller ones. This recipe makes enough for 1 serving.

Chocolate Protein Doughnuts

Whoop! Doughnuts are back on the menu my friends. These little beauties contain no wheat flour, no added sugar or fat and provide a decent whack of protein in each one. They are also really easy to make. I suggest getting yourself a silicone doughnut mould (like this one) but if you don’t have one you can use a regular cup cake tin. Not quite as fun but still as tasty :-)