Category: Breakfasts

Banana Bread Protein Muffins

These banana bread protein muffins are a tasty twist on the classic muffin. Perfect served warm for a lazy weekend breakfast or allow to cool and drizzle with dark chocolate for a more indulgent treat. With less than 70 kcals and only 1g of fat per muffin you can enjoy them guilt free!

Easy Banana Nut Protein Flapjacks

Protein Banana & Choc Chip Muffins

These little protein muffins break the cooking rules when it comes to baking with protein powders. Normally adding protein powder to a cake can dry it out but these banana choc chips muffins are soft, moist and delicious. Super healthy individual dessert or perfect to pack into a tupperware for an on the go protein snack!

Savoury Protein Crepes

These savoury protein crepes are extremely quick and simple to make. They are very versatile as you can add your own flavours by using different herbs, flavoured cottage cheese and add your own fillings! I chose to fill mine with then filled with grilled chicken, crispy bacon and fresh avocado. A perfect meal in itself or add a big side salad for a more substantial meal.

Easy High Protein Oaty Bites

These high protein oaty bites are a perfect on the go breakfast or healthy snack. Very versatile so you can make them with your favourite flavour protein powder and coat in anything you like! These ones are made with chocolate whey protein and I like them dipped in cocoa, chia seeds and ground flax seeds but experiment with your favourite flavours. Why not try a fruity protein powder like raspberry and dip in 90% organic dark choc! This recipe is really flexible to tailor to your macros and you can use any protein powder or coating.

Chocolate Orange Protein Bars

Protein bars are a great way of getting your protein requirements in whilst on the go. However shop bought bars are often not as healthy as we are led to believe. They can also be very expensive! These home made protein bars are far more healthy and definitely cheaper! My favourite is chocolate orange flavour but you can use any flavour protein powder!

American Style Protein Pancakes

Nothing beats fluffy soft protein pancakes! These American style thick protein pancakes make the perfect healthy weekend breakfast, pudding or even snack! I like to top mine with cashew butter, berries, cinnamon and Walden Farm zero calorie pancake syrup. This recipe will yield 1 large stack.