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Healthy, High Protein Welsh Cakes

A recipe request from one of my lovely twitter followers, and also my patriotic Welsh partner. I’d not tried Welsh cakes until a few years ago but they are delicious. Very similar to a scone, but thinner and require no baking – bonus! Traditionally made with white refined flour and lard they aren’t the most ab friendly ! So I did what I do best – change the ingredients to keep the fundamental texture and flavours the same, but with far healthier ingredients and extra protein! Enjoy…

High Protein Chocolate ‘Zoats’

So what the hell are zoats? Well this word came as a hybrid of zucchini (the American word for courgette) and oats. We have adopted the same word on this side of the pond as ‘coats’ could cause all sorts of confusion.

Now you might be thinking courgette in oats sounds disgusting. Well we’ve long been adding vegetables to sweet food – Carrot Cake and Chocolate Beetroot Cake are just a couple of examples. So it’s not as odd as you may have inititally thought.

But why? Well courgettes have a much lower calorie/carb content than oats (obviously) so they make a great way of bulking out meals! And if like me you love your bowl of oats, anything that can double or triple the size is most welcome.

The addition of the egg whites also helps with this ‘bulking out’ process. It also adds extra protein (win!) without extra carbs, or fat.

You can add any flavour protein powders or toppings but I’ve gone for the classic chocolate for this recipe. So here’s what you need and how to make them!

‘Urmigawd I Want’ Bars AKA Banana & Almond Butter Protein Bars

This recipe happened completely by accident. I meant to make some raw protein oat bites (which you can find the recipe for here) but I added too much water and the batter was far too thin. So I added some left over mashed banana, Muscle Mousse and baked it in the oven. Once the came out smelling sweet and delicious there was only one thing that could improve them… nut butter!

If you were wondering about the name, this came from one of my wonderful Twitter followers and I think it sums them up perfectly.

High Protein Carrot Cake Flavour Overnight Oats

I love carrot cake, and I love oats. So when I was looking for inspiration for an overnight oats recipe I looked out some of my favourite carrot cake recipes so I could ensure the flavours were as authentic as possible. Therefore this recipe is full of rich spices and plenty of cinnamon (if you follow me on twitter @protein_chef you’ll be aware of my love of cinnamon). It also contains grated carrot just as any good carrot cake should have, which also doubles as a great way to add extra volume without masses of extra calories (win!). I added vanilla whey protein to sweeten and add extra protein but you could easily omit this and simply use a natural sweetener or maple syrup if you don’t have any. So less chat, more instructions. Here’s what you need and how to make your carrot cake overnight oats!…

High Protein Chocolate and Peanut Butter Microwave Cake

I’m a huge fan of puddings in a hurry. Which is why I LOVE this moist chocolate and peanut butter microwave cake. A little mixing and 2 minutes in the microwave and you’ve got yourself a warm steamed pudding that is the perfect canvas for all your favourite toppings!

Apple, Cinnamon & Raisin Protein Pancakes

Before a heavy leg session I always make a big stack of protein pancakes. This week was no different and I had some new Hydra 6 protein from Grenade I was really looking forward to trying. It being so close to Christmas I thought I would put a festive twist on this weeks pancakes, so I topped them with warm stewed apples, raisins and cinnamon which was simply delicious.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Quest Style Protein Bars

These homemade Quest bars taste JUST like the real thing (perhaps even better – yep I said it!) but are a fraction of the cost. You only need to have a little look at my recipes to see that I am a huge fan of peanut butter, so I chose to add Quest craving peanut butter cups to these. Which turned them from tasty to woooaahhhh! I used chocolate whey for the base, you need a really tasty protein powder as this is what provides the base flavour, I used Smart Protein’s chocolate whey which is really creamy and was perfect for this recipe. You will also need the secret ingredient used in Quest bars which is IMO syrup and is available from Muscle Food (as are the PB cups!)

Banana & Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie

I made this banana and peanut butter protein smoothie for my breakfast when I needed something really quick and nutritious that I could take with me. I knew my chimps would love this one too, especially with the addition of plenty of peanut butter. It’s so simple to make but tastes like a thick and creamy milkshake.

Double Chocolate & Almond Melting Middle Microwave Protein Cake

High Protein French Toast

Some call it French Toast, I’ve always known it as eggy bread. What ever you like to call, it it’s unlikely to play a part in your healthy diet. Until now! My healthy protein packed version is low in fat, high in protein but is just as tasty – I promise!

Easy High Protein Yoghurt Dessert – Guest Recipe From The Eacock Twins

I’m Jason Eacock and my identical twin is Kristian Eacock, we go by the names Jay and Kig and are also known as The Eacock Twins. 24 years old and proud Athlete’s for SCI-MX Nutrition, we’re both fully qualified engineers, however, fitness and nutrition is our lives and after leaving university we both pursued our passion and opened our own fitness facility as a joint business venture called Revolution Fitness. Diet and nutrition is what we love the most about fitness and we are both very passionate about using diet to reach our goals.

This easy-to-make recipe is one of my absolute favourites. It’s so easy, convenient and unbelievably great tasting that I have it every single day! I have many reasons for choosing this recipe, not only the ones I have already stated but also because it is quick to do and gives a high protein source of nutrition. It is so versatile that almost anything can be added to increase flavour or to change the macronutrient ratios! I absolutely love having whey protein as it is one of the best sources of protein available. When dieting down it is so easy to waste calories of food that help you hit your macros but do not satisfy hunger cravings. This recipe gives a low fat source of protein and carbs but also gives a very full feeling that you may not necessarily achieve from a whey protein shake alone. Did I also mention how good it tastes? For this you will need the following.

No Bake Strawberry & Chia Seed Protein Bites

These no bake strawberry & chia seed protein bites are a perfect on the go breakfast or healthy snack. They involve no cooking or baking at all so are really easy to make. They are also very versatile so you can make them with your favourite flavour protein powder and coat in anything you like! These ones are made with Smart Protein’s strawberry flavour whey which is really tasty. I also added chia seeds for some healthy fats and a little crunch. This recipe is really flexible to tailor to your macros and you can use any protein powder or coating.

Banana & Choc Chunk Quest Style Protein Bars

Like many of you I adore Quest bars. The only thing I don’t adore is the price. So I set about learning how to make them myself! For a fraction of the cost you can get almost an identical bar with the added benefit of making it what ever flavour you want!

Being the official ‘Chef Chimp’ for team Skinny Chimp it was only right I created a banana flavour for those little monkeys! I used Smart Protein’s Optimum Whey as there flavours are really tasty, and a good flavoured protein powder is essential in this recipe.

These bars are super simple to make and require no baking at all (just a little mixing and squashing) so you can knock up a batch in the evening ready for the next day. Have a go and see!

Protein Packed Banana Bread – GUEST RECIPE by Kirstie Riddle

Skinny Chimp Ambassador Kirstie here with a scrummy little treat for you all to get your chimpy mouths round!

I am currently prepping for my first ever show at the end of October, so this little snack has helped me a lot with cravings and is great with fitting in with my macros earlier on in my prep! I recently made this little beauty for a Macmillian Cancer coffee morning I had at work. It was great to share some healthy tips with the rest of the office and show them that healthy food can be tasty and can be a treat! They were all pleasantly surprised at how “Normal” it tasted! Check out how I made it and enjoy!

High Protein Chocolate Orange Flapjacks

These deliciously moist and sticky chocolate orange high protein flapjacks combine the sweet oaty taste of the regular flapjacks you love, but are lower in fat, high in protein and contain no added sugar! They are an ideal option if you are looking for a healthy high protein snack you can take to work with you.

Banana Protein Whip

This banana protein whip is one of the most simple but most delicious creations to date. Fluffy, creamy and delicious it’s perfect as healthy pudding or a far more interesting way of increasing your protein intake. You could also substitute the banana for frozen berries but this recipe was created with my hungry Skinny Chimp‘s in mind!

Butterscotch & Cashew Butter Protein Cookies

These butterscotch and cashew butter protein cookies are made with only 3 ingredients and are a perfect healthy on the go breakfast or snack which are super quick to knock up. I really like the combination of the cashew butter with the butterscotch flavoured protein powder. But try experimenting with your favourite nut butter and protein powder like peanut butter and chocolate whey.

Blueberry Muffin Diet Protein Smoothie

This blueberry muffin diet protein smoothie was created using Natural Whey Co. blueberry muffin diet protein which literally tastes like liquid cake! It made the perfect base for this smoothie. I added Greek yoghurt to make it super creamy and some frozen blueberries for texture and an extra antioxidant boost! It’s incredibly simple to make and can be adapted to different protein powders or your favourite berries.

Apple & Blackberry Protein Baked Oats

I have always wanted to try out a baked oats recipe and when I acquired a freezer full of home picked blackberries I knew now was the time to try one out! The obvious pairing with blackberries was apples, which also feature in the recipe. Baked oats make a great substitute for protein porridge if time allows, or are equally tasty eaten cold as a healthy on the go breakfast or snack.

Quiona Tortilla/Flatbread/Wrap/Chapati’s

These wraps resemble Indian chapatis in look and texture but have a distinctly nutty taste. Quiona is naturally high in protein and gluten free so are perfect for those on a gluten free diet or those looking to increase their protein intake. The addition of chia seed powder adds a healthy dose of fibre as well as omegas 3, 6 & 9 – healthy & delicious!

Protein Cookie Dough – GUEST RECIPE from Adam Foster

This recipe is brought to you by Adam better known as Shreddybrek from cheapproteindiscountcodes

I love cookie dough. Simple as that.

The warm, melt in your mouth, so soft texture, combined with a flavour that just lingers on and on and on. Its so moreish. So tasty. And so damaging to your diet!

Thats why I had to find a healthier alternative. Of course, that meant looking at making some with protein powder. After a few failed attempts of making protein cookies and only part baking them (and a lot of wasted time) I was able to find this no-bake protein cookie dough solution.

The texture is there, the flavour can be whatever you want, and you can have it hot or cold. Simply microwaving it for a few seconds will give it the winter-warming feel I love. However letting it ‘set’ for 20 minutes or so in the fridge gives it a completely new dimension. I usually go half and half with the batches I make. Eating half straight out the fridge, and the remaining warm.

Best of both worlds!

This is pretty easy to make, and the flavour combinations are almost endless. You can take a look here for some protein powder suggestions, and you can let your mind run wild with the ingredients you’ll use as your ‘filling’.

The purpose of demonstration however, im going to share my recipe for making a white chocolate & berry, vanilla peanut butter cookie dough.

‘Skinny’ Blueberry Protein Muffins

Giving a whole new meaning to the term ‘skinny’ muffin, these delicious little Skinny Blueberry Protein Muffins are sweet and moist despite being completely free of added fat or sugar. They are sweetened only with the Natural Whey Co Blueberry Muffin Diet Whey Protein and the natural sugars found in the blueberries. Simple to make and perfect for a weekend breakfast or healthy snack.

Banana Split Protein Pancakes

These banana split protein pancakes were inspired by one of my favourite puddings. I wanted to recreate all the deliciousness of a banana split in pancake form. The Natural Whey Companies‘ banana split flavoured protein was ideal, if you haven’t tried it you must! The topping offers all the elements of a banana split but a fraction of the fat, sugar and calories. Happy eating!