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Banana & Blueberry Protein Loaf

Sweet & sticky blueberry & banana bread enriched with protein without ANY fat and no added sugar, this baby sells itself. Not only is it seriously delicious it's also so quick and simple to make. Give it a try & let me know what you think.

White Chocolate & Raspberry Protein Flapjacks

I've combined two 4 of my favourite things in the recipe. Oats, protein, white chocolate & raspberries. But I've left out the usual butter, sugar and syrup you'd usually find in traditional flapjacks. Instead I've sweetened them with Bodybuilding Warehouse White Chocolate & Raspberry Whey Protein which is SO good & also chunks of their new Warrior Crunch bars which take them to another level! Don't worry if you don't have these, you can sub the bars for white chocolate chips, however I urge you to try them, some of the best protein bars I've ever had (and I've tried ALOT!).

Green Energise Protein Smoothie

Energise your day with this power-packed green protein smoothie. I've used a selection of ingredients which are not only tasty but are known for there energising properties, whilst Good Hemp's raw protein powder provides your body with protein it needs to repair and recover after exercise. Use frozen fruit or add ice cubes to take this smoothie to the next level!

Double Chocolate & Cranberry Protein Crispy Cakes

I've packed these protein crispy cakes full of protein crispies, dried cranberries, sugar free marshmallows, sugar free white & dark chocolate and plenty of dried cranberries so you'll never know they are a healthier, much lower sugar version of your favourite crispy cakes.

Berry & Tumeric Protein Smoothie

This smoothie is packed with powerful antioxidants from the berries and spirulina, it also contains turmeric which is great natural anti-inflammatory. This tasty, power packed smoothie also provides your body with a hefty protein hit from Good Hemp's vegan protein powder. Perfect for an on-the-go breakfast or to re-fuel post workout.

Chocolate Hazelnut Power Smoothie

Smoothies are a great way of getting all the goodness you need very quickly. If I'm in a rush I'll have one for breakfast or to re-fuel after a workout. This POWER smoothie is packed with slow release carbs from oats, protein from Good Hemp's raw hemp protein powder and healthy fats from hazelnuts and hemp milk.

Chocolate & Peanut Vegan Protein Bars  

If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Snap Chat you'll already know I LOVE anything peanut related, and what goes well with peanuts? Chocolate of course! Even if you're not a vegan you'll love these super easy Chocolate & Peanut Vegan Protein Bars  which I made using Good Hemp's fantastic range of hemp based products.

Banana & Hemp High Protein Bread

This Banana & Hemp High Protein Banana Bread is sweet, moist and delicious, just the way a banana bread should be! Rather than protein powder which can dry baked goods out, Good Hemp's High Protein Flour adds a great source of hemp protein without leaving you with a nasty dry sponge. It also means that this recipe is perfect for those that don't want to buy protein powders or who prefer to exclude dairy from their diet. It's also great for using up banana's which have seen better days!

Mini Tomato, Chorizo & Spinach Egg White Frittatas

These mini frittatas are packed full of flavour and high in protein as well as being low in carbs. Although they sound quite complicated to make, I promise you they couldn’t be easier. I really enjoy them hot with a salad as a simple lunch but my partner also loves to take them in a Tupperware to work and assures me they are just as good cold as they are hot. If you are veggie you can always leave out the chorizo/bacon and perhaps add a little low fat cheese for flavour? Either way, once you give these a try they will become a staple in your weekly menu!

Protein ‘Porn’ Pancakes

These pancakes epitomise the term ‘Pancake Porn’! Thick, fluffy American style protein pancakes, dripping in protein infused salted caramel peanut butter, chocolate sauce (which is actually sugar free shhh) and finished with chunks of peanut chocolate caramel protein bars. These pancakes are the ULTIMATE in protein infused indulgence.

Easy Thai Spiced Potato Cakes

These flavoursome Thai spiced potato cakes (as per the name) are ridiculously easy to make and are so tasty. With the base being some cold mashed potato, a little onion and egg they are transformed by Blend Brothers Thai Jungle Curry Savoury Blend. Fragrant lemongrass, ginger and cumin with just a subtle hint of chilli, it contains all the delicious Thai flavours you need to create these potato cakes. The blend also contains natural pea protein which boost the protein content. Extra flavour and extra protein – what’s not to love!?

Healthy No Added Sugar Granola

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you’ll know I am a HUGE fan of cereal. My all time favourite type is granola. I’d give my right arm for a bowl of those sweet, crunchy oat clusters in ice cold almond milk. But if you’ve ever looked at the nutritionals of usual supermarket granola its not pretty. Masses of added sugar and palm oil are the usual suspects.

Rather than miss out and avoid it completely, I thought I’d come up with my own healthier, no added sugar variety. Still with all the sweet and crunchy oat clusters, but made without sugar and only healthy fats.

Cinnamon Bun Baked Oats

It’s no secret that I love cinnamon flavoured things, so when USN kindly sent me a tub of their new Lean-8 protein powder in vanilla cinnamon bun flavour I was rather excited. I have already created a High Protein Cinnamon Roll recipe, so I decided to cinammonise (that’s the technical term) my baked oats recipe.

If you’ve never tried baked oats then you are seriously missing out! They are super simple to make, but are insanely delicious. Especially when the weather is wet, cold and miserable as they are like a warm cuddle (a high protein one) in a bowl. Wave goodbye to your usual protein shakes from a shaker, and embrace the new way to get your protein in!

Honey & Wild Berry Post Workout Recovery Smoothie

So why the name? In this recipe I will not only show you how to make a delicious post workout smoothie, I’ll also explain how it could help you recover better. Now please note I’m no expert, but I do have many years experience in the sports nutrition industry and an equal number of years suffering the pain of DOMS (that’s delayed onset muscle soreness for those who are not familiar with the term!) so I have tried various methods to aid with my recovery.

When we exercise we are putting our bodies under stress. Not only do our muscles rip and tear during the process, dangerous free radicals are released within our bodies. Exercise is a very powerful tool to strengthen our bodies, but we need to give it the correct support to repair and recover in order to gain muscle strength.

To keep it simple, after we workout our muscles require amino acids (protein) to aid with tissue (muscle) damage, and we need to refill the glycogen (carb stores) we’ve lost through exercising. (Please note there is FAR more to it than this and plenty of variables, but in the interest of keeping things simple this is as far as I will go).

Que the protein shake! In this recipe I have chosen to use a fast-acting whey protein as this smoothie is designed to be consumed post workout – my favourite is Smart Protein’s Elite Whey Isolate in vanilla.

As for the carb source I have chosen honey, a simple carb which will be digested quickly. But not just any old honey, I’ve used Steens Raw 15+ Manuka honey.
Not only extremely delicious, Steen’s honey is different to others as its cold pressed. This means the natural amino acids & enzymes found in the honey are not damaged by heating it. It also leaves the phenolic compounds in the honey, which have an antioxidant effect – another great benefit to the recovery process!

Speaking of antioxidants, this brings me onto my choice of the mixed berries for the recipe; namely blueberries, blackberries and cherries. These berries are high in antioxidants which are thought to help to fight the harmful effects of free radicals which have been linked to cancers and other health problems.

So less of the science lesson and more of how to make this tasty and recovery boosting smoothie!

Peanut Choc Protein Pancakes With Peanut Choc Protein Sauce

This recipe was massively self indulgent, but I hope you love it just as much as I do! I wanted to combine my love of fluffy protein pancakes, peanut and chocolate. It uses oat flour instead of refined white flour, along with Sukrin’s fantastic high protein peanut flour, which is a great way of adding delicious peanut flavour without as much fat. The pancakes are awesome just as they are, but the rich, chocolately sauce takes them to another level!

Low Fat Banana Protein Waffles

I absolutely adore fresh, warm waffles drowned in syrup. So I had to come up with a healthier, protein packed version (of course!) so I could enjoy them whenever I wanted.

These waffles are made in a silicone waffle mould rather than a waffle grill. I got mine from a department store but I’ve seen them in lots of cookery shops and on the web. Otherwise just use a cupcake tin, they will taste just as delicious.

Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Raw Snickerdoodle Protein Bites

You might not be familiar with what flavour ‘Snickerdoodle’ is, so let me enlighten you. Snickerdoodle is a name which has made it’s way over from the U.S – basically it’s a plain cookie which is then rolled in cinnamon sugar. I have taken the same idea with these Gluten Free, Sugar Free Raw Snickerdoodle Bites, and included all the same flavours but without the sugar, butter, oil or refined flours.

They are ideal to make as an on the go breakfast or snack, and because they don’t require any cooking they couldn’t be more quick and easy to whip up!

Summer Berry Whey Protein ‘Mug’ Cake

An entire high protein, fat free cake ready in less than 5 minutes. Yep! This ‘mug'(bowl) cake features in my weekly menu on more than one occasion. Very often it’s post workout, for breakfast or as a mid afternoon snack.

Mug cakes are growing in popularity and for good reason. Even the laziest of cooks (me!) can whip one of these up with ease. The only thing that takes a little mastering is nailing the cooking time, as it can vary slightly depending on the age and/or power of your microwave. However that just means you’ll need to keep practicing until you get it right! ?

Protein Pina Colada

This refreshing Protein Pina Colada makes the perfect post workout recovery shake. With great quality complete protein from the egg whites (don’t be cracking and wasting those egg yolks, get yourself some Two Chicks liquid egg whites!) combined with creamy coconut milk which is a great source of vitamin B12, and sweet pineapple juice which is packed with vitamin C. It’s also absolutely delicious!

Rich Chocolate Almond Protein Smoothie

Sometimes you need a seriously thick, creamy and indulgent treat to kick those pesky cravings. And this chocolate almond protein smoothie ticks all these boxes. However, unlike your usual creamy milkshake, its packed with protein, healthy fats and no added sugar!

Now there are a couple of ingredients that you may be thinking ‘WHAT? you crazy?’

The first being liquid egg whites, these are a great source of natural protein and completely disappear into the shake with no eggy tastes at all – I suggest you use pasteurised liquid whites like these ones by Two Chicks which I get from here.

The second being avocado. I can see you screwing up your face, trust me when I say this adds nothing more than a creamy flavour and delicious thickness. Try it and see!

Protein Blueberry & Banana Bread – Guest Recipe by The Beltsander

If you’ve heard of IIFYM then you’ve probably heard of The Beltsander. With a 16k+ strong following on Instagram, The Beltsander in his own words is a ‘lifter of heavy things & eater of many things’ – many very delicious things as he tortures us all with on a daily basis!

I am a big fan of The Beltsander’s creations so I couldn’t be more excited to share this epic recipe for Protein Blueberry & Banana Bread with you all! If you give it a try be sure to share a picture with us both.

Gluten Free Healthy Pancakes

Personally I can eat gluten, but I have noticed that a number of my followers follow gluten free diets. Either because they are forced to, or through choice. So this recipe is for you guys!

I chose to leave the protein powder out of these, and instead to add the protein on top in the form of Greek yoghurt. But you can add a scoop should you wish to.

Muscle Mousse Protein Pancakes

My second favourite thing to do with Muscle Mousse (my favourite is to make cheesecakes!) is to make protein pancake. One of the best things about protein pancakes is you can tailor them to your macros, so everyone can enjoy them. Never use whey protein in pancakes it makes them terribly dry. Muscle Mousse is a casein based product so doesn’t dry them out and adds sweetness and flavour as well as protein without excess empty calories. Win/win!