Muscle Food Do The Unthinkable Review




The Muscle Food Do The Unthinkable plan is a diet & exercise plan which promises to transform your body in just 90 days. It aims to take away the difficulty of having to prepare your own healthy meals & hunt down your own healthy snacks! Not only is the food element taken care of, the all-in-one plan also provides workouts for you to complete, with no requirement for a gym membership. Just a TV or laptop to play the DVD on. You also receive a progress chart & a lovely little recipe book which is filled with healthy recipes should you wish to make your own meals, or to enjoy after the 90 days is up.

I tried out the plan for myself & here are my thoughts…




The breakfast choices are ‘throw away’ protein porridge pots which you fill with water & away you go. There are various different flavour options including chocolate, gingerbread and apple & cinnamon which I enjoyed, but if you don’t like porridge you’re pretty stuck when it comes to choices I have to say. I happen to really love it, so these were fine with me but as the review goes I’d say there needs a little more choice.

The main meals were my favourite part of the plan. There is tonnes of choice so you’re sure to find something that takes your fancy. These include microwave meals which are perfect to take to work or for a lazy lunch/dinner. However there are also meals you can cooked from scratch (which always tastes better don’t you think?!) but with

everything including the portion control taken care of. If I had to choose my favourite options from this range it was the Chicken Balti Curry, Pulled Pork with Beans & Rainbow Vegetables & the pizzas. All tasted really authentic & ‘home-cooked’ not what you’d expect from a frozen meal.




The snacks also provide absolutely heaps of choice which include both sweet and savoury options to suit your cravings. You can choose from soups, crisps, bars, cookies and even protein popcorn! I find healthy snacks a really important way of sticking to a healthy diet as we are bombarded with unhealthy snacks all day, everyday so it was great to have some new and exciting things to try. Some of my favourites included the Hi-Lo bars, PhD Diet Whey bars and Trek bars. I also really like the Muscle food own protein bars (don’t knock um’ til you’ve tried um’) and also the Hippeas chick pea snacks (like healthy wotsits!).



I had a go at the exercise DVD at home & I have to say I was a little sceptical at first, but I actually really got into it & definitely worked up a sweat! All of the exercises are well explained & easy to follow, there is also a handy ‘count-down’ at the bottom of the screen before you move on to the next which I really liked. If you don’t have a gym membership, or you prefer to workout at home its great, although lacking some weights if I’m 100% honest.




Overall The Muscle Food Do The Unthinkable Plan is a great choice for someone that doesn’t have time or doesn’t want to have to think about what they need to eat, it’s also in my opinion pretty reasonably priced for what you get. Check it out by clicking HERE. Feel free to use my discount code PROTEINCHEF which will get you £10 off!




June 30th, 2018