Why Lifters Are Constantly Single – Guest Article By Sarah Hipps

Sarah Hipps is the Founder and Editor of Fullaro.com. A previous D1 athlete and Sr. Editor for Spotmegirl.com.

I have belly laughed at many of her articles, which is why I am honored to have her as my very first guest article author. And here it is – enjoy!

Why Lifters Are Constantly Single…

First, there are many fit couples out there and we love you for the inspiration you give us fit singles with your beautiful ab filled pics, but for a lot of fitties, singledom is a real thing. It can be hard to believe given that fitness junkies tend to be of an exclusive level of hotness, but still. So how on Earth can a lifter be single? Let me explain…

We’re Difficult to Eat Around

We may not always say something, but sometimes we can’t help but throw side eyes at your choice of pizza in the morning or the extra dessert you order after our dinner date. Also, no one wants to share a plate of chicken and broccoli at a restaurant. We’re sort of on our own with that.


The Gym is Our Baby

As in, we may reject you if you try to make us change our gym schedule repeatedly. Or if you make it sound like we choose the gym over you. FYI, the gym was there before you, and if you keep giving us crap for “needing to go to the gym”, it will surely be there after you.


People Think We’re Narcissistic

Sorry, seriously, but its just when you put this much work in, you feel a weird need to check it a lot. Whether its just a quick shirt lift to check the abs or a hamstring check while we’re window shopping. You call it narcissistic; we call it loving our hard work.


We Have High Standards

As every person really should, but ours can be slightly different. We don’t need someone with rock hard abs, but we do need someone who takes care of himself or herself and who has a sufficient amount of motivation and level of commitment. It may not be to lifting, but it has to be to something. We can’t carry the full load of motivation here.


Sometimes, Too High…

We may be picky when we say, “but he/she doesn’t even lift” but when you spend a lot of time perfecting your health/physique, that could be a really big factor down the line. We’re just cutting it out before it becomes a whole thing later.


We’re Intimidating?

This isn’t really true, I don’t think I’m intimidating or many of my lifter friends are, but to others, we can be. Whether it’s our size, our dedication, or how good we actually look, there are people who find those things intimidating. Maybe you assume we’re already taken because we’re attractive. Maybe you think we wouldn’t want you if you’re not into lifting the way we are. Maybe you’re worried we’ll break you with our hugs. Who knows really, but there are many a fitchick who stand alone at the bar because of this.


Hope You Like Casual!

For those that are at the gym a lot, sometimes getting dressed up for a dinner feels overrated. Sometimes washing our hair seems like a lot of work since we’re just going to sweat in like 10 hours again anyways. Chucks may be our favorite shoes. If we’re chicks, we have heels, but we aren’t at happy hours as much as we’re having bar time. Also, walking up stairs in heels after leg day is…its not easy. We appreciate your fine dining attempt, but the burger joint around the corner and Netflix works well too.


Protein Protein Protein

If you’re a vegan or a pescetarian, you may hate us. While there are fitness people out there that love their vegan diets, the majority thrives on all things protein – chicken, lamb, pig, cow – which could make us a nightmare to many hardcore animal activists. Not that we don’t care about animals, we just also care how good they taste as well. And if you’re a guy who likes a chick who orders salad every time, HA! We’ll deal with being single then.


It’s Our Thing

While you always want someone you’re dating to be involved in things that are important to you, there are passions in your life that have aspects of being personal. People don’t have to share everything, and for some people, such a big passion that has components of “me, me, me” can be difficult for people to accept. Maybe you lift with us, but you don’t fully grasp that what we are doing with our bodies doesn’t take into consideration what you want our bodies to look like. A fitness junkie would either need someone on the same level and understands, or someone who thinks our personality is so great, they don’t care what we do.


After reading this, you may be thinking that we cause ourselves to be single. Maybe that’s true, but here’s the thing – for all the things to consider with dating a person in love with fitness, the benefits strongly outweigh the cons. Don’t worry, we’ll lift that weight too.

April 11th, 2016