My Favourite Ways To Use Blend Brothers High Protein Savoury Blend

Blend Brothers High Protein Savoury Blends are the world’s first high protein herb and spice mix. Each delicious flavour is made with quality herbs and spices, combined with 20 grams of natural pea protein to boost the protein content of your meal, whilst adding incredible flavour. You can read my full review of Blend Brothers Sauces here.

You may have already seen some of my recipes using these fantastic products, but if you missed them then here’s just a few….

Mexican Pibil Pulled Chicken
High Protein Chunky Vegetable Soup
Healthy Mexican Chilli Nachos
Easy Thai Spiced Potato Cakes
Thai Spiced Baked Chicken
High Protein Mexican Fried Rice

But I also wanted to show you how quick and easy these products are to use in your day to day cooking. Here’s just a few of my favourite ways to use them.

Sprinkled over chicken as it cooks…


Mixed into plain Greek yoghurt for a tasty low calorie, high protein dip….


Or even stired in after cooking to add flavour and extra protein!


They are so incredibly versatile I always have a tin on my kitchen worktop ready to throw into everything!

If you’ve got some innovative ways that you use Blend Brothers Sauces then make sure you share them with me and the Blend Brothers on social media!

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April 11th, 2016