Blend Bros High Protein Sauces Review

Blend Bros are a family based business, who in their own words ‘help everyday athletes bridge the gap between fitness and the kitchen.’ How? ‘By developing a Savoury Blend high-protein herb and spices mixes as a simple & convenient way to increase the protein in everyone’s diet.’

The range consists of 3 (soon to be 5!) High Protein Savoury Blends including:

  • Mexican Pibil Stew
  • Thai Jungle Curry
  • Spanish Tomato & Chorizo
  • Sicilian Lemon & Origano (coming soon)
  • Indian Kerala Curry (coming soon)

All of the Savoury Blend’s are made with natural pea protein which means each serving contains an impressive 20g of protein! But not only are they high in protein, each of the blends is flavoured with authentic herbs and spices, adding incredible flavour to your meals in a simple, easy and healthy way.

And when I say its easy to use, I mean it! To make a sauce which can be poured over absolutely anything, all you need to do is add a scoop or two to any dish whilst cooking, or alternatively mix with water and use – that’s it! But these blends are really versatile and can be used in so many ways. Check out some of the recipes I have created already with these delicious blends – and there are many more to come!

If you’d like to try Blend Bros High Protein Sauces then they are available at Muscle Food, Amazon and very soon in Holland & Barrett!

April 11th, 2016