Muscle Food Do The Unthinkable Review




The Muscle Food Do The Unthinkable plan is a diet & exercise plan which promises to transform your body in just 90 days. It aims to take away the difficulty of having to prepare your own healthy meals & hunt down your own healthy snacks! Not only is the food element taken care of, the all-in-one plan also provides workouts for you to complete, with no requirement for a gym membership. Just a TV or laptop to play the DVD on. You also receive a progress chart & a lovely little recipe book which is filled with healthy recipes should you wish to make your own meals, or to enjoy after the 90 days is up.

I tried out the plan for myself & here are my thoughts…




The breakfast choices are ‘throw away’ protein porridge pots which you fill with water & away you go. There are various different flavour options including chocolate, gingerbread and apple & cinnamon which I enjoyed, but if you don’t like porridge you’re pretty stuck when it comes to choices I have to say. I happen to really love it, so these were fine with me but as the review goes I’d say there needs a little more choice.

The main meals were my favourite part of the plan. There is tonnes of choice so you’re sure to find something that takes your fancy. These include microwave meals which are perfect to take to work or for a lazy lunch/dinner. However there are also meals you can cooked from scratch (which always tastes better don’t you think?!) but with

everything including the portion control taken care of. If I had to choose my favourite options from this range it was the Chicken Balti Curry, Pulled Pork with Beans & Rainbow Vegetables & the pizzas. All tasted really authentic & ‘home-cooked’ not what you’d expect from a frozen meal.




The snacks also provide absolutely heaps of choice which include both sweet and savoury options to suit your cravings. You can choose from soups, crisps, bars, cookies and even protein popcorn! I find healthy snacks a really important way of sticking to a healthy diet as we are bombarded with unhealthy snacks all day, everyday so it was great to have some new and exciting things to try. Some of my favourites included the Hi-Lo bars, PhD Diet Whey bars and Trek bars. I also really like the Muscle food own protein bars (don’t knock um’ til you’ve tried um’) and also the Hippeas chick pea snacks (like healthy wotsits!).



I had a go at the exercise DVD at home & I have to say I was a little sceptical at first, but I actually really got into it & definitely worked up a sweat! All of the exercises are well explained & easy to follow, there is also a handy ‘count-down’ at the bottom of the screen before you move on to the next which I really liked. If you don’t have a gym membership, or you prefer to workout at home its great, although lacking some weights if I’m 100% honest.




Overall The Muscle Food Do The Unthinkable Plan is a great choice for someone that doesn’t have time or doesn’t want to have to think about what they need to eat, it’s also in my opinion pretty reasonably priced for what you get. Check it out by clicking HERE. Feel free to use my discount code PROTEINCHEF which will get you £10 off!




I already saw you sigh when you read the title. I know, I did the same thing when I saw the Slendertone logo in my inbox. ‘What do they want? I hate those stupid quick fix fads’ I thought to myself. I had a message asking me if I wanted to review the new Slendertone Connect and I very nearly didn’t think twice and typed my polite ‘thanks but no thanks’ reply. However, something made me stop and take a look at their page before I replied. I noticed that their angle had very much changed from the days of ‘wear this belt, do nothing and you’ll get a 6 pack’. I noticed a shift in their advertising towards an ‘aid’ to your usual workout routine which was a breath of fresh air. Like all of these things (and in this I include sports supplements and so called ‘super foods’!) they are an aid to old fashioned hard work. So, never one to turn my nose up at anything until I’ve tried it myself I accepted their offer and before I knew it my Slendertone Connect belt had arrived!

img_9017 I opened the box to a nicely packaged box with all the various bits and bobs I needed including a bag to keep the belt in which I thought was a nice touch. I’ve got the attention span of a flea so I have to say I didn’t read the booklet that it comes with, but I did follow the quick set up guide which was indeed just as the name suggests – very quick and painless. The belt talks to an app which you download and it begins by asking you your goal and various other personal information. Again this was quick and was in-depth enough to find out about me without having to tell it my inside leg measurement and what I ate for dinner 3 weeks ago.

Now I was all set up I decided to try out my first session on a rest day whilst I made my breakfast – talk about multitasking! I placed the belt on and found that it was quite long. I’m not sure if it’s one size fits all but as I have a small waist I found the activation pads were stuck further round by body than they should be. I spoke to the guys at Slendertone about this and they suggested I moved the pads a little which did help slightly. If I had to give my feedback on the belt I would suggest it came in a range of sizes for those of us blessed with dinky waists (don’t be too jealous all my fat makes it’s way to my thighs instead).

img_0042When I was ready to go I clicked on the app and it was really easy to workout how to get started. I started off the with the intensity really low as I’m a complete wimp and I was nervous it might feel like I was being electrocuted. A dull tinging began in my upper abs and obliques which was bizarre to start with but I soon got used to it. Changing the intensity is really easy to do and can be changed at any point during the session.

Each of my sessions were 30 minutes which is just the right amount of time for me as I wouldn’t usually spend any longer than 30 minutes performing ab exercises.

After a few sessions I was getting used to the sensation and felt I could increase the intensity every time I used the belt which was about 3 times per week over a 6 week period. I don’t think I increased the intensity quite to my ‘target’ and I am still unsure about the feeling but my abs have certainly become stronger than they were. During my usual ab sessions in the gym I felt as though my core was stronger and I could add more weight to my weighted ab exercises.

Having only used the belt for 6 weeks I can’t say I’ve had an incredible ‘transformation’ but I do feel I benefited from using the Slendertone Connect belt and I will continue to use it. As always with ab training in any form you won’t see any results in the mirror unless your body fat is low enough, but if you neglect your ab training (like I did!) or you’d like something you can do outside of the gym I would definitely recommend it.

If you’d like to try using the Slendertone Connect belt feel free to use my discount code CHEF10 which will allow you 10% off your order.

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Who are Purition?

In their own words, Purition offer a unique range of specially formulated lifestyle products, to help you maintain a balanced diet and achieve goals naturally. Born by a group of passionate individuals from Australia and the UK, they have combined expertise to create the focused natural nutrition.

Why I wanted to review Purition

I get contacted by many companies asking me to try/review their products and many are very simular in terms of nutritional make-up. When Purition asked me to try their natural protein shakes I took a look at their website and checked out the formulation. To my surprise it was unlike anything I had ever seen before and I jumped at the chance to try them.

What did I try?

I tried the Purition Sample Box (which you can get here) which includes 1 sachet of each flavour –

Image 3

  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Macadamia & Vanilla
  • Coconut
  • Pistachio
  • Almond

How is Purtion different to other brands?

Purition protein shakes contain all natural ingredients. Here is an example which I have taken from the strawberry flavour.


British Whey Protein Isolate
British Golden linseed
Sunflower Kernels
Coconut (sulfate free)
Freeze dried Strawberries 8%
Chia Seeds
Sesame Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds
Nutritional Yeast (B-vits)
Psyllium Husk (fibre)
Apple Pectin (fibre)

As you can see there is no obscure ingredients that you’ve never heard of (or pronounce in my case) which is instantly reassuring. The initiative flavours are also a breath of fresh air, well done guys!

For the full nutritional breakdowns for each flavour click here.

Image 1

So what do they taste like?

I always like to use water rather than milk to review protein powders, I feel that it’s a fair test to compare all brands when using this method.

I used 1 sachet which contains 40g of mix with the recommended 250ml of water. I used my usual shaker which has a mesh in the lid to remove the lumps and gave it a quick shake. I tipped the liquid into a testing cup and was surprised to see whole seeds come out in the shake as apposed to being ground up which is often the case. This made the shake a little ‘bitty’ to begin with as I wasn’t expecting it, but I actually quite enjoyed it after the initial shock. The flavours are not particularly strong, but are not unpleasant. It definitely has a very earthy ‘natural’ flavour which I think would lend it’s self well to being added to porridge or used as a topping on a smoothie. As a shake however, for me the flavours were a little bland. Having said this I enjoyed the coconut flavour the most and I would happily have this after a workout or as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack just as it is. It’s particularly good blended with coconut milk and ice which I tried today and it was delicious!

Overall I was really impressed with the all natural aspect of these shakes, so if this is something that is really important to you I would suggest giving them a try. For those who prefer an indulgent tasting shake this isn’t something that these particular shakes offer. I am however going to be adding them to cakes, bakes and porridge over the coming weeks as I think they’ll be a great natural way of boosting the protein and natural fat content, as well as adding flavour.







Something a little different for me to be reviewing, but I thought you guys might be interested in how I got on with a new brand of natural beauty products.

The reason I wanted to try these is because are they are natural and all don’t contain as many harsh chemicals as many of the big brands. I am careful with what I put inside my body and I train hard to keep in tip-top shape, so I thought it only right to look after my skin in the best way too!

I have naturally very dry skin, so I’m constantly trying to improve it with the addition of lots of healthy fats in my diet and thick body creams.

With this in mind Green Harmony Products kindly provided me with a range of their natural Aloe Vera & Bionatural products. I tried a range of products but these are my favourites.


Exfoliating Body Cream with Argan + Aloe


This is a fantastic exfoliant. It’s in a body cream rather than a body wash so it moisturises as the fine beads which are made of apricot seeds buffs away at your dead skin. You then simply wash the beads off and your skin is left beautifully soft.


Revitalizing Body Cream


A creamy body moisturiser which is rich in aloe vera juice, mango extract (which smells amazing) and argan oil. It also contains antioxidants vitamins A, C and E. Most importantly my skin was still smooth hours after putting it on when normally my skin would be dry again within a few hours!

100% Chia Seed Oil


I’m a big fan of eating chia seeds, so I was excited to see what slapping it on your skin does. Turns out it isn’t the most pleasant smelling oil unlike lavender, but it does wonders for very dry patches of skin like elbows, knees and ankles. Or like me – hands! I sat with lots of it on and let it soak in. After a few weeks of using it I had much less dry hands, which was great for training as they can often get sore and crack. I really recommend this product!

You can check out the full range of Aloe Vera & Bionatural products by Green Harmony on their website here.