About Protein Chef

Hello! My name is Heather aka Protein Chef!I have a passion for all things health and fitness. I also have a passion for cake… and biscuits. Well food in general

I am an absolute training junkie and I enjoy nothing better than hitting the gym and lifting heavy stuff around. I love the feeling being fit and healthy gives me. Watching my body change shape and my strength increase is addictive! I strongly believe that a healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand.

Food also plays an extremely important role in my life. Growing up food in my house was love, great emphasise was placed on meal times and I have fond memories of cooking with my family. In a quest to enjoy the great food I love that would not sabotage my training efforts I began to experiment in the kitchen. Adding protein powders to cakes and removing the unhealthier parts of recipes and replacing them with healthier alternatives. My partner (ex rugby player and equally as nuts about training as I am) was my critic – he has had to endure many a ropey protein cake in my journey I can tell you! Don’t worry, I got better! My family, friends and work colleagues began to make requests for my protein based creations and I began to give out my recipes, it was then Protein Chef was born!

I hope you enjoy trying out my recipes. I love to see them being used so be sure to tag me in anything you try via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

Happy training and happy eating!

Heather – Protein Chef