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Coconut Chicken Skewers with Salt & Pepper Kale Crisps – GUEST RECIPE from Dan Francis

I’m Dan, 31, proud parent, Ambassador for Skinny Chimp, supported by NRGfuel and TurnKey supplements. Full time has engineer and also model as well, if you’ve been following me on social media you’ll no abit about me, if not then there’s not much to no, I’m very transparent, hard working, proud parent and hugely into my fitness and health,

I chose this recipe for a few reasons, if you’ve been following me you’ll no I’m currently seriously injured with possible herniations in my spine with muscular damage (a re occurring injury that I won’t bore you with details) so I’m currently laid up at home and have been for the past 3 weeks, I’m a flexible dieter and count and track my macros, that doesn’t however mean I eat crap foods, I eat a highly nutritious, tasty diet and track everything, micros and macros! I plan my meals weekly and pre cook foods the night before to take to work but being at home I’ve got a lot more time on my hands so the one thing to keep my mind busy, keep me focused on the diet is being more creative in the kitchen, making quick easy delicious meals that will take me less than 30mins to prep and cook (pretty much the required time I need to be on my feet for every few hours as per doctors orders) and that’s how I basically came up with this! Just figured the coconut flour would be perfect on my chicken and that it would taste amazing made into skewers and BBQ’d (on my grill) topped with some highly nutritious veg, was as simple as that, just being creative and thinking about what I’m eating

Banana Bread Protein Muffins

These banana bread protein muffins are a tasty twist on the classic muffin. Perfect served warm for a lazy weekend breakfast or allow to cool and drizzle with dark chocolate for a more indulgent treat. With less than 70 kcals and only 1g of fat per muffin you can enjoy them guilt free!

Healthy Turkey Koftas with Fat Free Tatziki Dip

Traditionally made with lamb these healthy turkey koftas are made with lean turkey mince so they are low in fat. They are absolutely delicious eaten hot with a spoonful of cool fat free tatziki dip or perfect to pack cold for a picnic or in a lunch box. My favourite way to eat these is in a toasted wholemeal pitta, covered in tatziki and piled high with salad.

Almond and Dark Chocolate Protein Cheesecake

This almond and dark chocolate protein cheesecake is rich, creamy and intense. The classic combination of almonds with rich dark chocolate, without the classic amounts of saturated fat and calories as a standard cheesecake. What’s not to love?…

Key Lime Protein Cheesecake

This key lime protein cheesecake is the perfect summer pudding. Quick and simple to make but looks impressive when you turn up with it at your friends BBQ! Naturally its packed with protein and extremely low in fat but the taste is not compromised – I promise!

Healthy Chicken Peanut Korma

This healthy chicken peanut korma is rich, creamy aromatic and delicious! It combines classic Indian spices for an authentic taste but much lighter in saturated fat than a standard korma as quark or extra light cream cheese is used instead of cream! You can put your weekly curry back on the menu even if you have weight loss or physique goals!

Instead of traditional rice why not try serving your korma with baked sweet potatoes or my cauliflower rice for a low carb option!

Protein ‘Bounty Bar’ Chocolates

These protein ‘bounty bar’ chocolates were the beginning of my love affair with protein confectionery. A mouthful of rich chocolate and creamy coconut is truly satisfying for even the biggest chocoholic! When nothing else but the hard stuff will do – try these before reaching for a family size bar of dairy milk (you will thank me!)

Peanut Butter & Jelly Protein Cheesecake

This peanut butter & jelly protein cheesecake was the winning cheesecake flavour from the competition Muscle Mousse ran on their Facebook page. Chosen by Lee Westwood, a fine choice sir I must say! If you follow me on Twitter or ‘Like’ my Facebook page you will be well aware of my love affair with peanut butter so you can imagine my excitement when creating this recipe! The topping is an absolute must and takes this cheesecake to another level of woooaaahhhh!! Here’s what you will need and how to make it….

Fat Free Fiery Sweet Potato Hummus

Easy Banana Nut Protein Flapjacks

High Protein Chocolate Cake

This high protein chocolate cake is light and chocolatey but with a fraction of the sugar and saturated fat of a standard chocolate cake. The recipes uses pumpkin or butternut squash rather than flour which keeps the cake deliciously moist as well as making it gluten free (as long as your protein powder and baking powder are gluten free too!) It’s a perfect substitute for any standard celebration cake but can also be made into cupcakes too!

Low Carb Broccoli ‘Rice’

Protein Banana & Choc Chip Muffins

These little protein muffins break the cooking rules when it comes to baking with protein powders. Normally adding protein powder to a cake can dry it out but these banana choc chips muffins are soft, moist and delicious. Super healthy individual dessert or perfect to pack into a tupperware for an on the go protein snack!

Savoury Protein Crepes

These savoury protein crepes are extremely quick and simple to make. They are very versatile as you can add your own flavours by using different herbs, flavoured cottage cheese and add your own fillings! I chose to fill mine with then filled with grilled chicken, crispy bacon and fresh avocado. A perfect meal in itself or add a big side salad for a more substantial meal.

Healthy Lemon & Chai Seed Muffins

I originally created these healthy lemon & chia seed muffins for valentines day. I absolutely love lemon & poppy seed muffins so I wan’t to create something as close to these as I could. They are incredible still slightly warm topped with protein ice-cream (I love Wheyhey protein ice-cream!) or leave them to cool and enjoy as you would a cupcake. I was not intending to add protein to these but I have tested them with a scoop of vanilla casein powder and it works well so feel free to add this if you want to make these protein muffins. I do not recommend adding whey protein as this can dry them out.

Easy High Protein Oaty Bites

These high protein oaty bites are a perfect on the go breakfast or healthy snack. Very versatile so you can make them with your favourite flavour protein powder and coat in anything you like! These ones are made with chocolate whey protein and I like them dipped in cocoa, chia seeds and ground flax seeds but experiment with your favourite flavours. Why not try a fruity protein powder like raspberry and dip in 90% organic dark choc! This recipe is really flexible to tailor to your macros and you can use any protein powder or coating.

Fat Free Hummus

I love hummus. I could eat it buy the bucket load. However shop bought hummus (even the reduced fat style) is loaded with oil. Always up for a challenge I decided to see if I could make my own entirely FAT FREE but still as delicious. This was the result! It was so yummy piled high on my grilled spicy chicken.

Chocolate Orange Protein Bars

Protein bars are a great way of getting your protein requirements in whilst on the go. However shop bought bars are often not as healthy as we are led to believe. They can also be very expensive! These home made protein bars are far more healthy and definitely cheaper! My favourite is chocolate orange flavour but you can use any flavour protein powder!

Almond Crusted Fish Fingers with Sweet Potato Chips

Nothings beats fish and chips when it comes to comfort food. This recipe for my almond crusted fish fingers and baked sweet potato chips is a smidgen of all the saturated fat and calories of the classic but still all the flavour!

Why not try serving your healthy fish fingers and chips with a slice of lemon and some mushy peas!

Low Carb Cauliflower ‘Rice’

This low carb cauliflower rice recipe will change your life! Ok, sounds a little strong I know but the feedback I have had from this recipe has been incredible! Perfect for those that struggle on low carb diets or enjoy ‘volume’ meals as you can enjoy a huge serving for very little calories. Cauliflower rice makes an appearance in my weekly menu at least twice! Even if you are not a fan of cauliflower I promise if barely resembles cauliflower once it’s finished. Give it a try and see!

Healthy Apple & Blackberry Crumble with Protein Custard

This healthy apple & blackberry crumble recipe is super simple to make but dripping with protein custard is absolutely to die for. Sometimes cold evenings (or even warm ones to be honest!) call for something comforting. This recipe provides all the taste without the excessive amounts of fat and sugar found in classic recipes, and of course with the addition of a hefty protein hit!

Kale Crisps

These kale crisps are crispy, salty and melt in the mouth. Not common words associated with a leafy green vegetable I will grant you. However, do not dismiss this recipe until you give it a try! These kale crisps are fantastic as a low calorie snack between meals or in place of fat and calorie laden potato crisps.

American Style Protein Pancakes

Nothing beats fluffy soft protein pancakes! These American style thick protein pancakes make the perfect healthy weekend breakfast, pudding or even snack! I like to top mine with cashew butter, berries, cinnamon and Walden Farm zero calorie pancake syrup. This recipe will yield 1 large stack.

Cherry Bakewell Protein Cheesecake

All the flavour elements of a cherry bakewell reconstructed into a protein cheesecake! The base is made with protein flapjacks so offers an even bigger protein hit along with a delicious sticky flapjack base!

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