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Banana & Choc Chunk Quest Style Protein Bars

Like many of you I adore Quest bars. The only thing I don’t adore is the price. So I set about learning how to make them myself! For a fraction of the cost you can get almost an identical bar with the added benefit of making it what ever flavour you want!

Being the official ‘Chef Chimp’ for team Skinny Chimp it was only right I created a banana flavour for those little monkeys! I used Smart Protein’s Optimum Whey as there flavours are really tasty, and a good flavoured protein powder is essential in this recipe.

These bars are super simple to make and require no baking at all (just a little mixing and squashing) so you can knock up a batch in the evening ready for the next day. Have a go and see!

Protein Packed Banana Bread – GUEST RECIPE by Kirstie Riddle

Skinny Chimp Ambassador Kirstie here with a scrummy little treat for you all to get your chimpy mouths round!

I am currently prepping for my first ever show at the end of October, so this little snack has helped me a lot with cravings and is great with fitting in with my macros earlier on in my prep! I recently made this little beauty for a Macmillian Cancer coffee morning I had at work. It was great to share some healthy tips with the rest of the office and show them that healthy food can be tasty and can be a treat! They were all pleasantly surprised at how “Normal” it tasted! Check out how I made it and enjoy!

High Protein Chocolate Orange Flapjacks

These deliciously moist and sticky chocolate orange high protein flapjacks combine the sweet oaty taste of the regular flapjacks you love, but are lower in fat, high in protein and contain no added sugar! They are an ideal option if you are looking for a healthy high protein snack you can take to work with you.

Mint Chocolate Protein Cheesecake

If you are an mint Aero fan you LOVE this mint chocolate protein cheesecake! Made using my favourite cheesecake ingredient Muscle Mousse (which is a casein protein) it gives the most delicious cheesecakey texture. When I found out the new flavour was bubbly mint chocolate I couldn’t wait to try this recipe out. As always it’s a basic recipe with no fancy steps or strange ingredients, but boy does it deliver in the taste department! Creamy smooth cheesecake filling on a chocolatey biscuit base. Yum!

Peanut Butter Protein Ice Cream – GUEST RECIPE from Andrew Daish

Hi, my names’s Andrew Daish (Daishy) and I am a Swedish international rugby player. I currently play in National 1 for Old Albanians. Off the field, I am a PE teacher and a crossfitter.

I started baking when I was young with my Granny and she taught me the basics but as the demands of a busy lifestyle and a sweet tooth, I always wanted to develop protein based deserts.

I started to experiment with protein based recipes after having shoulder surgery to keep focus on long term goals and mental stimulation. Of course, I have created some really tasty protein based deserts (according to the rugby boys) but also had some recipes that just didn’t work.

I hope you enjoy this recipe – try not to eat it all at once.

Banana Protein Whip

This banana protein whip is one of the most simple but most delicious creations to date. Fluffy, creamy and delicious it’s perfect as healthy pudding or a far more interesting way of increasing your protein intake. You could also substitute the banana for frozen berries but this recipe was created with my hungry Skinny Chimp‘s in mind!

Healthy Smokey BBQ Chicken Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? My all time favourite is a thin crust BBQ chicken pizza loaded with toppings and lashings of BBQ sauce. So, I wanted to create a tasty BBQ pizza without a zillion calories and a load of saturated fat.

I had some of Muscle Food’s gorgeous smoked chicken breast in my freezer and I always have a bottle of Walden Farms sugar free BBQ sauce in my fridge, these are the hero products in this recipe!

So here is what to do. Don’t be alarmed by the number of steps, it really is easy but does take a bit of time so maybe one for the weekend?

Low Carb High Protein Chocolate Mug Cake

This incredible creation came from a late night need for pudding on a low carb day. Made using whey protein, egg and milk it’s pretty much carb free. Feel free to pimp it up as you wish. Naturally I added copious amounts of nuts n’more to mine, along with Wheyhey’s delicious protein ice cream and Walden Farms sugar free caramel sauce.

A one serving protein mug cake that’s ready in less than 5 minutes, even the laziest of cooks need to try this one!

Butterscotch & Cashew Butter Protein Cookies

These butterscotch and cashew butter protein cookies are made with only 3 ingredients and are a perfect healthy on the go breakfast or snack which are super quick to knock up. I really like the combination of the cashew butter with the butterscotch flavoured protein powder. But try experimenting with your favourite nut butter and protein powder like peanut butter and chocolate whey.

High Protein Quest Bar Apple Crumble with Vanilla Protein Custard

This recipe for high protein Quest bar apple crumble with vanilla protein custard was inspired by Quest Nutrition’s ’15 second recipes’ – if you haven’t seen these check them out. Not quite 15 seconds but pretty close, this recipe is really quick and simple but with big tasty rewards and over 35g protein per serving! The protein custard is nothing short of a genius invention (if I do say so myself). Made all the more delicious with my all time favourite vanilla flavour whey protein powder from Smart Protein.

Pimped Protein Banana & PB Sandwich – GUEST POST from CHIEF SKINNYCHIMP

had the pleasure of meeting the brains (and beauty!) behind the Skinny Chimp brand and finding out what the leader of the pack fuels up on. Here is the perfect hungry chimp snack and how to make it. Check out my pimped up, protein filled version too!

My favourite meal is a banana sandwich – perfect for a carb hit before a good old work out. Or before bed to stop hunger pains. The banana helps promote sleep because they contain the natural muscle-relaxants magnesium and potassium!

Blueberry Muffin Diet Protein Smoothie

This blueberry muffin diet protein smoothie was created using Natural Whey Co. blueberry muffin diet protein which literally tastes like liquid cake! It made the perfect base for this smoothie. I added Greek yoghurt to make it super creamy and some frozen blueberries for texture and an extra antioxidant boost! It’s incredibly simple to make and can be adapted to different protein powders or your favourite berries.

Berry, Chocolate & Almond Quest Style Protein Bars

Apple & Blackberry Protein Baked Oats

I have always wanted to try out a baked oats recipe and when I acquired a freezer full of home picked blackberries I knew now was the time to try one out! The obvious pairing with blackberries was apples, which also feature in the recipe. Baked oats make a great substitute for protein porridge if time allows, or are equally tasty eaten cold as a healthy on the go breakfast or snack.

Quiona Tortilla/Flatbread/Wrap/Chapati’s

These wraps resemble Indian chapatis in look and texture but have a distinctly nutty taste. Quiona is naturally high in protein and gluten free so are perfect for those on a gluten free diet or those looking to increase their protein intake. The addition of chia seed powder adds a healthy dose of fibre as well as omegas 3, 6 & 9 – healthy & delicious!

Protein Cookie Dough – GUEST RECIPE from Adam Foster

This recipe is brought to you by Adam better known as Shreddybrek from cheapproteindiscountcodes

I love cookie dough. Simple as that.

The warm, melt in your mouth, so soft texture, combined with a flavour that just lingers on and on and on. Its so moreish. So tasty. And so damaging to your diet!

Thats why I had to find a healthier alternative. Of course, that meant looking at making some with protein powder. After a few failed attempts of making protein cookies and only part baking them (and a lot of wasted time) I was able to find this no-bake protein cookie dough solution.

The texture is there, the flavour can be whatever you want, and you can have it hot or cold. Simply microwaving it for a few seconds will give it the winter-warming feel I love. However letting it ‘set’ for 20 minutes or so in the fridge gives it a completely new dimension. I usually go half and half with the batches I make. Eating half straight out the fridge, and the remaining warm.

Best of both worlds!

This is pretty easy to make, and the flavour combinations are almost endless. You can take a look here for some protein powder suggestions, and you can let your mind run wild with the ingredients you’ll use as your ‘filling’.

The purpose of demonstration however, im going to share my recipe for making a white chocolate & berry, vanilla peanut butter cookie dough.

Blueberry, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter Protein Cheesecake

This blueberry, white chocolate, dark chocolate & peanut butter protein cheesecake was made in celebration. My good friend Dan Francis Health & Fitness Model won the LFW UK Male Model of the Year 2014 which called for an extra special protein cheesecake! Dan chose his ultimate favourite flavours which I then made into this epic creation!

Summer Berry Protein Cheesecake

The Summer has finally arrived so that called for this Summer Berry Protein Cheesecake. Sweet strawberry flavoured cheesecake topped with juicy fresh berries. What could be more summery and delicious? Did I mentioned its PACKED with protein and less than half the fat and calories of its full fat/sugar cousin? One of the most simple cheesecakes recipes too so ideal to start you off if it’s the first one you’ve made (then you’ll be hooked I promise!)

High Protein White Chocolate & Raspberry Blondie Trifle

This high protein white chocolate & raspberry blondie trifle gives a new a new twist on an old classic. No soggy ladies fingers here!

The star of the show is The Protein Bakery’s black & white blondie with a cameo appearance from Muscle Mousse. This trifle packs a huge protein punch with only a fraction of the fat and sugar of a grandma’s homemade trifle but with all the flavour!

This recipe will make 1 large individual serving or enough for 2 to share if you are feeling generous.

‘Skinny’ Blueberry Protein Muffins

Giving a whole new meaning to the term ‘skinny’ muffin, these delicious little Skinny Blueberry Protein Muffins are sweet and moist despite being completely free of added fat or sugar. They are sweetened only with the Natural Whey Co Blueberry Muffin Diet Whey Protein and the natural sugars found in the blueberries. Simple to make and perfect for a weekend breakfast or healthy snack.

Banana & Peanut Butter Protein Chimp Chocolates

These little banana & peanut butter protein chimp chocolates were created in celebration. For I am now a proud member of the Skinny Chimp family!
Delicious little chocolatey bites with a sweet banana and peanut butter filling. A perfect little healthy treat for hungry chimps!

Mini Healthy Carrot Cakes with Protein Topping

These Mini Healthy Carrot Cakes with Protein Topping were created for my long suffering partner who adores traditional carrot cake. They are made using sweet potatoes, which keep the cakes moist as well as adding sweetness without the addition of lots of sugar. Super simple to make but with the same delicious spiced sponge and sweet sticky topping!

Banana Split Protein Pancakes

These banana split protein pancakes were inspired by one of my favourite puddings. I wanted to recreate all the deliciousness of a banana split in pancake form. The Natural Whey Companies‘ banana split flavoured protein was ideal, if you haven’t tried it you must! The topping offers all the elements of a banana split but a fraction of the fat, sugar and calories. Happy eating!

Protein Cookies – GUEST RECIPE from Clare Barks

My name is Clare Barks and I’m a self employed Personal Trainer, Sports Massage Therapist and UKBFF Bodyfitness competitor. I am also a proud sponsored athlete with Skinny Chimp clothing. I began competing for the UKBFF in April last year and so far have achieved:

Third place at Southcoast Championships April 2013 and qualified for the British Finals

Fifth place British Finals 2013 and qualified for the Arnold Championships in Madrid 2014

First place ‘Stars of Tomorrow’ Nov 2013 and qualified for the British finals 2014

Second place UK National championships open class April 2014

Fourth place at the IFBB Summer Invitational English Grand Prix July 2014 My next competition will be the British Championships 2014 on 11th October.

My training and diet is a huge part of my life as I am continually working towards competitions, either making improvements off season or preparing for the stage. When my coach allows! I like to make my diet exciting and add little high protein treats into the mix. The following recipe is one I have recently tried out.
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